Saturday, November 15, 2008

KM vs. Hickory, 3AA first round

It's kickoff time at KM's John Gamble Stadium.
Mountaineers win toss and defer to second half. Opening kickoff goes out of bounds so Hickory starts at its own 35.

Hickory moves for two first downs before stalling. Hickory punts it down to the KM 16 where Mountaineers take over.
On the second play, KM QB Mike Roberts breaks free on a 48-yard gainer to get the Mountaineers rolling. Mounties get to the Hickory 10
before a penalty sets them back. KM lines up for a 34-yard field goal try but the snap is high. Roberts, the holder, is dropped for a nine-yard loss and Hickory takes over at the 25 with 4:04 left in the first period.

Hickory goes three and out and punts it away. KM starts from its own 41 with 1:36 to go in first period, still no score.
Mountaineers unable to move. KM's Jake Allen punts to the Hickory 28 as the quarter ends with a 0-0 score.
The punting duel continues. This time KM takes over at its 42 with 10:29 left in the half. Mounties can't move again and Allen comes on to roll a 46-yard punt dead at the Hickory 4 with 9:19 on the clock.

Hickory starts a drive. After a pair of first downs running, Hickory hits a 33-yard pass to the KM 37.
On fourth-and-four at the 31, Hickory throws deep for an apparent TD but a holding penalty brings it back. Red Tornadoes punt it away and KM is forced to start from its own 3 with 5:03 left in the half.
After another KM punt, Hickory gets possession at the Mountie 48 with 3:08 to go in the half.
Hickory runs a trick play letting the flanker throw downfield on a reverse and it goes for a score, but a penalty for an illegal block gives Hickory first down at the 21.
Hickory moves it down and has second and goal at the one. Hickory's TJ Wimbush is stacked up at the one and the football pops out. KM's Anthony Dalton picks up the fumble and carries it out to the 30 with 1:08 to go in the half.
KM goes to the air and gets to the Hickory 42 with 34 seconds left in half. KM though draws a five-yard penalty and then a 10-yard holding call and is unable to generate a threat. Clock runs out.
No score at the half.

Hickory kicks off to start third quarter and KM begins from its 35. Mounties forced to punt and Hickory takes over at its 24.
Hickory stays on the ground and moves across midfield, facing third-and-three at the KM 45. Rush of LB Zach Hopper disrupts a pass and causes Hickory to punt.
KM takes over at its 12 with 7:43 left in third period.
Mounties' running game gets untracked. Carlos Bell, Mike Roberts and Joe Chambers share the load for a first down at the 40.
Roberts breaks free for a first down to the 13 with 4:16 left in the third period.
Mountaineers stall at the 12. Edward Blackburn comes on to try a 29-yard field goal and puts it through. With 3:02 left in the third quarter, it's now ... KM 3, Hickory 0.

The teams exchange punts. Hickory takes over at its own 29 as the third quarter ends with the score still ... KM 3, Hickory 0.
Again KM defense holds and Hickory kicks it away. This time Terrance Young collects it at his own 34 and sets sail up the middle. He breaks to the right sideline and goes all the way to the Hickory 10.
QB Roberts keeps it twice in a row, going in from the one with 9:53 left in the game. Blackburn's kick is good, making it ... KM 10, Hickory 0.

Hickory comes right back with a 64-yard, 6-play scoring drive. T.J. Wimbush goes 13 yards off the right side for the score. Patrick Smith's kick is good. With exactly eight minutes to go it's ... KM 10, Hickory 7.

Mountaineers get moving again. Young returns the kickoff to midfield, then Carlos Bell break free for 28 yards to the Hickory 18.
KM though is stymied by a pair of illegal block penalties that wipe out gains, putting the Mounties in second-and-14 situation at the 22 with 5:08 to go. After a nine-yard gain by Robers, then an incompletion, KM goes for it. Throw for Chambers in the end zone draws a flag.
Mounties get first down and goal on the interference call at the seven with 4:09 to go.
Chambers punches it in from the three with 3:25 to go. Blackburn's kick is good. The score is now ... KM 17, Hickory 7.

KM strikes again. This time Zach Hopper picks off a Hickory pass and returns it 40 yards for a score to give Mountaineers a commanding lead. Blackburn's kick was good with 2:33 left to go making it ... KM 24, Hickory 7.

Hickory moves across midfield but comes up inches short on first down at the 35. KM takes over, takes two snaps to kill the clock.
Final score: KM 24, Hickory 7.
KM will host Mooresville next Friday in the 3AA second round.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shelby vs. Owen in playoffs

Shelby High (8-3) will be taking on the Owen Warhorses (4-6) in the State 2A football playoffs tonight at Pearley Allen Field. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.

This may go down as the "Fog Bowl." There's quite a mist below the level of the lights at Blanton Memorial Stadium around 7:15 p.m.

Game gets under way with the Owen Warhorses starting at their own 24.
Owen rolls up four first downs in succession to the Shelby 16.
Warhorses stay on a roll behind the running of fullback Brennan Kirby and Andy Coleman. Coleman carries it in from one yard out with 6:49 left in the first period. Robert Barker's kick makes it ... Owen 7, Shelby 0

Shelby starts near midfield and quickly rushes for two first downs. Owen stops Shelby fullback Michael Copeland at the 32 on fourth-and-one with 4:11 left in the quarter. Owen though goes 3-and-out and punts to the Shelby 26 with 2:29 left in the quarter.

A 45-yard carry by Golden Lions' QB Quinton Hopper gets Shelby rolling.
Raper carries twice to put Shelby second-and-goal at the two. Owen stops Copeland cold on second down. Copeland plows ahead on third down to reach the end zone with 14 seconds left in the opening quarter.Shelby misses the point after, making the score ... Owen 7, Shelby 6.

Shelby forces Owen to punt early in the second quarter and Lions start from their 42. After a four-yard run by Copeland, Raper takes a pitch (backward pass) in the right flat. Raper turns it upfield and zooms 54 yards untouched for the score. Turner Almond's kick is good. Wih 10:08 left in the half the score ... Shelby 13, Owen 7.

Owen forced to punt again and Shelby resumes the attack. Lions have found something that works as Raper takes another throw out in the flats and speeds 24 yards to the Warhorses' 23. Two plays later, Shelby runs the same quick flip to the other side and Gerald Jennings takes it and goes 18 yards for the score. Shelby mishandles the snap on the kick but with 7:10 left in the half, it's ... Shelby 19, Owen 7.

Instant replay: Owen goes 3-and-out again.
Shelby takes over at its own 44. Lions line up in punt formation on fourth-and-two at Owen 48. Short snap goes to Raper who sails around the right side on the fake. Raper speeds all the way for the score. Almond's kick is good. with 3:47 left in half it's ... Shelby 26, Owen 7.

After the kickoff, Shelby linebacker Miles Lawrence breaks through to hit Owen QB Cody Craig as he tries to deliver a pass. Ball pops in air and is picked off by senior defensive end Quevalas Murray.
Shelby takes over at Owen 22. A holding penalty sets Shelby back but a 21-yard run by Raper and a 15-yard pass from Hopper to Reid Houser sets up a one-yard scoring plunge by Copeland on the last play of the half. Daniel Pennington kicks the extra point through making it ...Shelby 33, Owen 7.
At the half: Raper has rushed for 182 yards but limps off on his last carry and leaves the field.

Shelby gets the ball to start the second half but after one first down, has to punt it away. Owen takes over a its 18 and picks up a pair of first downs to the Shelby 38. After a one-yard gain on first down, three straight incompletions give the Lions possession at their own 37 with 6:35 left in the third period.

Shelby kicks it away moments later. Owen begins a drive from its 19. Warhorses get moving behind running of Coleman and Kirby. Owen gets all the way to the Shelby eight. Facing second-and-seven, refs stop the game because of lightning. Starting at 9:03, we have a 30-minute delay before play can be started again. Both teams leave the field for the locker rooms.

After a 30-minute wait ... and with lightning continuing in the area, the head official walks to the middle of the field and holds up the football and points to the Shelby bench, indicating the game was officially over and Shelby would advance to next week to play either Bandys or Ashe County.
Word from Crest is that the second half had not begun due to the weather conditions. Chargers were leading 21-7 at the break before the delay.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Crest vs. South Point

It's a lot warmer than most of us expected but that only makes it a good night for football here at Sid Bryson Stadium. Stay tuned for Crest vs. South Point with the Big South Conference crown at stake.

Crest gets the football first. Reggie Wilkins passes 49 yards to Charger receiver Kendall Kee to get Crest moving. Chargers drive inside the 10 but have to settle for a field goal. Trever Austin's kick is good, but a roughing the kicker penalty gives Chargers first-and-goal at the three.

Chargers stymied by Red Raider defense and have to go for a field goal again. This time Austin's kick is wide and Red Raiders get the ball at the 20 with 6:26 on the clock.

South Point picks up a first down to the 34. On first down, Lowery coughs up a fumble, Crest's Martavis Burris picks up the fumble and rambles 30 yards to the end zone with 5:32 left in the quarter. Austin's kick is good, making it ... Crest 7, South Point 0.

Red Raiders start their drive from their own 35. South Point puts on an option football clinic in a 65-yard, 11-play drive, all on the ground. Fullback Aaron Crumbly and QB Desmond Lowery share most of the ball-carrying duties. Crumbley punches in from the 2 with :52 left in the quarter. James Justice's kick is good, tying the game at ... 7-7.

Crest goes 3 and out and punts it away. SP starts from its 36 and gets a 35-yard pass from Lowery to Josh Justice. Red Raider drive stalls though. James Justice attempts 48 yard field goal but it falls short.

On Crest's first play from the 20, Neil Chambers breaks free down the right sideline for a 50-yard gain to the South Point 30. Chargers' threat is nullified however due to a penalty for an illegal block. Crest has to punt and it goes into end zone with 6:32 left in the half.
South Point takes over at its 20.
Raiders forced to punt and Crest gets the football at its 39. Chargers' Wilkins back to pass by South Point's Tyler Coolidge intercepts and returns to Crest 33. On first down, Lowery keeps straight ahead and gains
10 yards but fumbles the football. It rolls forward but Crest's Aldrich Watson falls on it at the 16 with 2:23 left in the half.
On third and 11 at the 15, Chambers zooms through a hole on the right side and sails 85 yards to the end zone. Austin's kick is good with 1:20 left in the half, making it ... Crest 14, SP 7.

South Point goes to the air and gets two first downs to reach the Crest 44. Four straight passes fall incomplete and Chargers take over there with 22.1 seconds left in half. Chargers take a knee and go to the half ahead ... 14-7.

Other scores from Cleveland County: Shelby leads East Rutherford 20-14 at halftime; Burns and Kings Mountain were tied 14-all late in the first half.
Update from Lawndale: Burns 21, KM 20 (don't know the time). Shelby now leads 27-14.

South Point gets the ball first in second half. On the second play, Josh Justice has the football stripped by Crest's Austin Hunt and Rhaheim Ledbetter recovers for Chargers at the 41. Crest moves in for an insurance score. Reggie Wikins his Aldrich Watson on a 23-yard pass for the big play in the march.
Freshman Cortez Wright goes 10 yards off the right side to score with 8:39 left in the third period. Austin's kick is good, making it ... Crest 21, SP 7.

Red Raiders start moving from their own 20. Lowery carries on five of six plays as South Point moves to Crest 35. JesseMcGaha is thrown for a six-yard loss, bringing up third and 11 at the 41. Lowery passes to Josh Justice for eight yards, then on fourth-and-three, Crumbley barrels for 16 yards to the Crest 17.
On first dow

n, it's a repeat as Crumbley breaks free to go to the end zone.
Aldrich Watson for Crest breaks through to block James Justice's conversion kick. With 4:11 left in the third quarter it's now ... Crest 21, SP 13.

Crest gets football and runs out the quarter. On 2nd play of fourth quarter, Chargers punt the football dead at the Red Raider 25.
It takes South Point 7 plays, all on the ground, to go the distance.
Crumbley and Lowery -- both of whom are now over 100 yards rushing on the night for South Point -- get most of the work but McGaha takes an option pitch to go the final 16 yards with 8:13 to play.
South Point goes for two points -- Lowery keeps over the left side and goes in. Score now tied .... 21-21.

Crest unable to move and punts. South Point takes over at its own 49 with 6:40 left in game.
Red Raiders continue their momentum. Lowery and Crumbley do most of the damage as South Point moves in to take the lead. Crumbley punches in for South Point -- which now has 24 first downs in the game -- from the three with 3:53 to go. Justice's kick puts South Point ahead ... 28-21.
Justice's kickoff sails into end zone. Crest has to start from the 20.
Crest now facing fourth and six from its own 24 with 2:54 to go. Chargers take a timeout.

Crest pass falls incomplete. South Point takes over at 24 with 2:49 to go.
Raiders take it in again against the tired Crest defenders. Lowery punches in from the three with 1:21 to go. Justice's kick makes it ... SP 35, Crest 21.

Chargers aren't done yet. Kendall Kee gets behind the secondary and hauls in a 70-yard TD pass from Reggie Wilkins. Austin kicks the point after. With 1:03 to go, it's ... South Point 35, Crest 28.
Crest tries an onside kick but Red Raiders' James Justice covers it at Charger 46 to keep the football for South Point.
Lowery takes a knee of first down and Crest calls timeout with 57 seconds to go.
South Point and Crest do the final minute timeout/take-a-knee opera and Raiders punt it away. Crest gets ball on nine with less than 10 seconds to go. Two incompletions end it.
Final.... South Point 35, Crest 28.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crest-South Point series

The Crest-South Point football series pits two traditional high school powerhouses. They’ll meet for the 26th time this Friday night at Sid Bryson Stadium with the winner claiming the Big South 3A/4A Conference championship.

South Point owns a 15-10 edge in the series with the Red Raiders winning the first eight (1967-74). The teams were members of the old Southwestern 3A Conference until Crest moved up to 4A status for the first time in 1984. The two teams did not meet from 1985 through 2000.
The series was revived in 2001 and the Chargers have a 4-3 edge since that point, though one of South Point's victories was a forfeit in 2005.

The year-by-year series:
1967 — South Point 41, Crest 0
1968 — South Point 19, Crest 0
1969 — South Point 34, Crest 2
1970 — South Point 13, Crest 8
1971 — South Point 29, Crest 22
1972 — South Point 15, Crest 13
1973 — South Point 33, Crest 13
1974 — South Point 48, Crest 7
1975 — Crest 13, South Point 8
1976 — South Point 23, Crest 7
1977 — South Point 35, Crest 0
1978 — Crest 12, South Point 0
1979 — South Point 18, Crest 0
1980 — Crest 14, South Point 0
1981 — Crest 17, South Point 14 (OT)
1982 — Crest 41, South Point 14
1983 — Crest 21, South Point 6
1984 — South Point 33, Crest 0
2001 — Crest 42, South Point 12
2002 — Crest 28, South Point 7
2003 — South Point 35, Crest 7
2004 — Crest 35, South Point 21
2005 — South Point wins by forfeit
2006 — Crest 54, South Point 20
2007 — South Point 21, Crest 14

Friday, October 31, 2008

Burns vs. East Rutherford

We're at Harrill Stadium on the campus of East Rutherford High. There's a nip in the air so we'll be seeing jackets, blankets and toboggans in the stands.
Let's stop a moment and send out best wishes to some longtime friends on the Cleveland County sports scene who've been ailing. Bill Ellis, former Crest boys basketball coach, and Barry Hambright, a familiar figure over at Gardner-Webb, have both been dealing with medical problems and we hope you'll remember them in your prayers.

On the second play from scrimmage, Burns' QB Spencer Martin completes a short throw to Brandon Whitworth in the right flats. Whitworth spins out of a tackle and zooms 77 yards down the sideline for a score to put Burns ahead. The Bulldogs miss the point after, but with 11:08 on the clock the score is ... Burns 6, East Rutherford 0

East doesn't take long striking back. Cavaliers march 67 yards in nine plays. Tyler Hamilton sweeps right end for eight yards to the end zone. Ryan Bailey's kick is good, putting East ahead 7-6 with 7:19 left in the opening quarter.
The teams exchange punts before Burns takes over at the East 42. On first down, Jonah Brooks pops off the left side, breaks a couple tackles and sails to the end zone. Bulldogs go for two but pass is incomplete. With
4:34 left in the quarter it's ... Burns 12, East 7.

Burns' Brandon Wright intercepts with 3:37 to go in first period giving Burns possession at its own 37. Bulldogs though can't move and kick it away.
East starts from its 35. Cavs complete a pass to midfield as quarter ends, still Burns 12, ER 7.
After a Burns fumble at its own 30, East moves in to take the lead. Fullback Tajdre Wilkerson bulls in from the one. Cavs fake the kick and Mikhail Baxter passes to Lydell Watkins for two points. With 7:54 left in the half, it's East 15, Burns 12.

Other scores: Mid second quarter, it's Crest 21, East Gaston 0; also, in the second quarter it's R-S Central 7, K.Mountain 6.

East goes on an 81-yard, 8-play drive staying strictly on the ground. Tyler Hamilton breaks free for a score on a 35-yard play. The kick is wide but with 2:45 left in the half, it's East 21, Burns 12.

Burns punts to East. Cavs take over at own 29 and move across midfield before time runs out. At halftime, it's East 21, Burns 12.

Other halftime scores: Shelby 14, Chase 14; KM 12, R-S Central 7.

Burns kicks off and quickly forces East to punt. Bulldogs take over at own 14. Burns needs to keep the football a little longer this half. East had a 37-15 edge in offensive plays in the first two quarters.

Well, maybe there's something to be said for using the big play instead of grinding it out. Burns' Monterrio Merriweather goes untouched up the middle on second down for a 61-yard touchdown. Daniel Fogleman's kick brings Burns within 21-19.

Other scores: Shelby 24, Chase 14 late in third period; KM 20, R-S 14 late in third; Latest from Crest-East Gaston: Chargers led 28-0 at the half.

East drives to the Burns 28. On fourth-and-two, Burns' David Grimes breaks through to nail the runner for a loss allowing the Bulldogs to take over.
Merriweather carries five times in six plays to get the Bulldogs down to the East 32.
Bulldogs stall and Andrew Toney comes on to try a 46-yard field goal. It's blocked by Cavaliers who take over at their own 46 with 2:09 left in the quarter.
Cavaliers forced to punt. Jonah Brooks breaks free down right sideline and goes all the way to the East 32 where he's knocked out of bounds. Burns takes over there with two seconds left in the quarter.
Quarter ends with score: East 21, Burns 19.
Merriweather carries for a first down at the East 20. Jonah Brooks then zooms all the way to the one for first and goal. Merriweather goes off the left side for the score with 10:29 left to play. Bulldogs go for two - Merriweather carries again on the same play and punches it in. That makes the score ... Burns 27, East 21.

East starts its possession from its 47. Cavs quickly pick up a pair of first downs to the Burns 24. East though faces third-and-8 at the 22.
An incompletion makes it fourth-and-eight and Cavs go for it. Bulldogs guilty of pass interference to give East new life at the 11.
East's Adrian Wilkins carries in from the five for the go-ahead score with 7:07 to play. Cavs fake the kick and Corey Jimerson carries across for the two-point conversion making the score ... East 29, Burns 27.

Burns goes three and out and have to punt with 6:08 to play. East takes over at its 34 and rushes for a pair of first downs. Burns starts using its timeouts. East faces fourth-and-two at the Burns 28 with 3:02 remaining. Bulldogs jump offsides, giving Cavaliers first down at the 23.

On the next play, Tyler Hamilton goes 23 yards off the right side for a score. Ryan Bailey's kick, with 2:53 on the clock, makes it ... East 36, Burns 27.

Burns picks up a pair of first downs before East's Zach Price intercepts and returns it 45 yards to the Bulldogs' 15.
East begins taking a knee to keep clock running.
Final score: East Rutherford 36, Burns 27.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Shelby vs. R-S Central tonight

The weather cut into tonight's Cleveland County football schedule. The Crest-Hunter Huss game at Sid Bryson Stadium -- the Chargers' homecoming contest -- has been moved to Monday night.

Parents are on the field for Senior Night before the Shelby vs. R-S Central contest at Pearley Allen Field. Parents of players, cheerleaders and trainers were recognized.
The teams will be out on the field shortly.

Here we go ... Shelby kicking off north to south. R-S runs it out to the 25 to start their first possession.
On the second play of the game, Shelby's Quevalas Murray tips a pass by R-S Central's Deshawn Littlejohn. It's intercepted by Carlos Wray who returns it deep in Hilltopper territory.
Shelby starts from the six. Michael Copeland runs off right tackle on first down to score. Conversion fails. With 11:02 on the clock, Shelby leads 6-0.

R-S goes three and out. Shelby's Tre Wilson returns the punt 35 yards to the R-S 20. It takes the Golden Lions three plays to score from there. Michael Copeland goes off left tackle 12 yards to the end zone. Turner Almond's kick is good. With 7:29 on the clock, it's ... Shelby 13, R-S 0.

R-S offense goes 3-and-out again. Shelby takes over at its own 27 and starts on another march. Big play in the 73-yard scoring drive is a 25-yard run by Larry Raper with 15 yards tacked on for good measure.
Fullback Michael Copeland punches in from the one for his third score of the night. Almond's kick is good. With 2:50 left in the first period, it's now ... Shelby 20, R-S 0.

R-S holds Shelby at the Hilltopper 29 on fourth down early in the 2nd quarter when Raper slips after taking a pitchout.
Hilltoppers begin their first march of the night, crossing midfield. A personal foul puts R-S all the way to the Shelby 18.
Oddie Murray punches in from the one-yard line for a Hilltopper score with 4:12 left in the half. Cody Owens kicks the extra point. The score ... Shelby 20, R-S 7.

Raper returns the kickoff to the 50-yard line. Lions get a 22-yard pass from Quinton Hopper to Gerald Jennings, then Michael Copeland carries to the 12. Lions then lose yardage and Turner Almond's 34-yard field goal sails wide right with 29 seconds left in the half.
At halftime it remains ... Shelby 20, R-S 7.
Other scores at the half: KM 14, East Rutherford 6; Chase 10, Burns 0; East Gaston 14, North Gaston 7.

Shelby gets the football first in the second half. After picking up two first downs, Trent Vanderhoof punts to the R-S 21 where the Hilltoppers take over with 6:21 to go in the third period.
R-S picks up a first down but has to punt it away. Shelby takes over at its own 36 but also goes three and out.
RS begins from its 34 but fullback Oddie Murray breaks free on a 36-yard gain up the middle. Murray carries for 15 more yards on the next play. Hilltoppers have first and 10 at Shelby 15 as third quarter ends with score ... Shelby 20, R-S 7.

Murray barrels 15 yards ahead for the score on the first play of the fourth period. Owens kicks the point after. With 11:51 to go, it's Shelby 20, R-S 14.

Shelby is unable to move. R-S takes over at its own 25 after the punt.
QB Deshawn Littlejohn gains 17 yards on first down and a facemask penalty takes R-S across midfield to the Shelby 43.
On third and four at the Shelby 37, linebacker Miles Lawrence makes a stop for no gain. R-S goes for it on fourth down but Littlejohn's deep throw is incomplete. Shelby takes over at its 37 with 8:15 left in the game.

R-S holds but a facemask penalty allows Shelby to cross midfield. Moments later on third and four at the 41, Larry Raper carries for 10 yards and a first down but is injured on the play and has to leave the field.
Shelby's drive runs out of steam at the Hilltopper 19. Turner Almond comes on to kick a 36-yard field goal. With 2:19 left, it's ... Shelby 23, R-S 14.
R-S goes to the air. After two incompletions, Shelby's Tre Wilson returns an interception 45 yards for a score with 1:53 to play. Almond's kick makes it ... Shelby 30, R-S 14.

R-S isn't dead yet. After Leon Brown runs the kickoff back across midfield, Littlejohn fires deep to Jonathan Fuller for a 40-yard touchdown pass. A pass for the two-point try fails With 1:04 left, it's Shelby 30, R-S 20.

Hilltoppers recover the onside football and take over at the 50.
After an incompletion, Littlejohn drops back to throw. Quevalas Murray for Shelby rushes and swats the football out of the QB's hand and then recovers for the Golden Lions with 50 seconds to go.
Shelby takes a knee to let the clock run out.
Final score: Shelby 30, R-S 20.

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's the "Battle of Buffalo Creek" 2008

Rain, rain, rain ... it's going to end up pretty crowded in the press box before its over at Kings Mountain's John Gamble Stadium. The teams are on the field for pre-game drills. Opinion is divided as to which side benefits most from having wet turf tonight.

Kings Mountain takes the opening drive and rolls 73 yards in nine plays to go in front. On fourth and 15 at the Shelby 28, QB Mike Roberts avoids the rush and finds Devon Thompson open in the middle of the field at the 15. He turns and runs into the end zone. Edward Blackburn kicks the point after and with 8:32 left in the first quarter ... KM 7, Shelby 0

Shelby lines up with Larry Raper taking the snap two straight plays in shotgun formation but is unable to move it. Quinton Hopper is sacked on third down and Shelby has to punt it away

On the second play after the punt, KM's Roberts fires deep to Terrance Young for 35 yards to the Golden Lions' 18. On first down, Joe Chambers pops off the left side and goes 18 yards for the score. Blackburn's kick is good. With 5:02 left in the first quarter ... KM 14, Shelby 0.

After a KM onside kick attempt fails, Shelby fumbles the ball away on second down. Mountaineers start at the Shelby 46. On the first play, Roberts keeps and goes 21 yards to the Lions' 25. Two straight illegal blocks pushes KM back across midfield. KM has to punt it away with 1:22 left in the first quarter.
Shelby gets a first down on a run by Michael Copeland as first quarter ends ... KM 14-0.

Lions have to punt and mishandle the snap. KM's Tori Belcher throws Trent Vanderhoof for a loss back to the 24 yardline. It takes the Mountaineers six plays to score from there. Roberts keeps it up the middle for the final two yards with 9:16 left in the half. Blackburn's kick is good ... KM 21, Shelby 0

The teams exchange punts with Shelby taking over at the KM 48. Copeland runs for a first down for the Lions but a holding penalty pushes Shelby back. Lions cough up a fumble and KM's Anthony Dalton picks it up and runs it to the Shelby 46 with 3:54 left in the half.

KM forced to settle for a field goal try in the final 26 seconds but Blackburn's kick is low. Clock runs out. At the half ... KM 21, Shelby 0.
Observation: KM totally dominated the first half with a 12-2 edge in first downs and a 212-20 edge in yardage.
Other scores we've heard: R-S Central leading Burns, 14-0; Crest ahead of North Gaston 31-0; South Point ahead of Forestview 14-0; Chase in front of East Rutherford 13-0.

Second Half: Shelby goes 3-and-out on its first series. KM gets it and picks up two first downs before Quevalas Murray recovers a fumble to give the Lions the football at their own 46 with 8:07 left in the third quarter. Shelby can't move though and punts it away again with 6:56 left in the third period.
The teams exchanged punts over the next two series with KM taking over at its own 45 with 4:12 left in the quarter. Mountaineers have to kick it away.
On final play of third quarter, Shelby's R.J. Ussery carries for 17 yards out to the 37 to give the Lions their initial first down of the second half. after three quarters of play ... KM 21, Shelby 0.
The punting contest continues. Shelby takes over at its own 26 with 7:08 left.
Lions pick up consecutive first downs for the first time in the contest, then call a timeout at the KM 45 with 3:16 left in the game.
Shelby reaches the Mountaineer 26 but fumbles the ball away with 1:54 to play.
Mountaineers take a knee on three straight plays to end it.
Final score: KM 21, Shelby 0